Picture of Hillfort at Rural RetreatPicture of Lonicera nitida hedgingPicture of Helenium flowersPicture of up and down lighting


One of the most important things about a garden is how one feels within the space. A garden design should seek to achieve a deep feeling of contentment for the individuals that make use of the garden. This starts with the client and their style. The design must also place the garden within its surroundings not only on a visual level but it must have a connection with the whole ambience which characterises the space. As such each garden is unique and therefore requires a unique design response.


I approach every garden individually and it is the differing influencing factors that prompt the resulting design solution. I seek to produce designs that are clean and structured often with strong sculptural elements be it through planting or hard materials. At the same time I feel it is vital to combine this with an organic feel that adds a sense of softness to the structure of a garden and therefore remains faithful to the fundamental fact that gardens originate from organic matter.

I am a Garden Designer based in Dorset and work on projects throughout the South of England and Wales.

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